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Heli Harvest Ltd is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of a Eurocopter AS332L1 Super Puma helicopter. 

Since its arrival into the Port of Auckland in May 2013, many man hours have been invested in returning the helicopter to flying status.  On 26 March 2014, ZK-HHL took to the air for the first time at Ardmore Airport. 

This is a first in New Zealand aviation, a ZK- registered Super Puma.

 Super Puma ZK-HHL now flying in NZ


 Super Puma AS332L1 helicopter (ZK-HHL) outside Eurocopter's facility at Ardmore Airport, New Zealand


 Super Puma AS332L1 helicopter (ZK-HHL) undergoing its first engine run at Eurocopter's facility at Ardmore Airport, New Zealand

You can check out a quick video on our YouTube channel to see and hear its engines running and rotors turning.

Since selling the last of our Mi-8 helicopters overseas in 2010, there have been no heavy lift helicopters in New Zealand.  With the arrival of our Super Puma, we look forward to again bringing our customers top-class heavy lifting solutions and service.

Click here to view the characteristics of the very impressive Super Puma helicopter.